Saturday, October 27, 2007

Willie was silent on reasons for the failure of the Knights against the Mountaineers today (for the 13th straight time)

The rain stopped and the sun came out at the end of the game, so we went by the College Avenue campus to commune with the most famous statue on the Mall. But William the Silent, Count of Nassau and Prince of Orange, Father of his Fatherland and Founder of the United States of the Netherlands, had no answers about today's 31-3 loss to the Mountaineers (the 13th in a row).

Except for rare flashes, we as fans let our team down at the Stadium today. Many of us, maybe using this famous statue on the mall as our role model, or letting our spirits be drowned by the driving downpour that continued through most of the first half, didn't give our team the vocal support they deserve.

Also, I think the all black uniforms are probably bad luck. Ditch 'em.

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