Monday, October 8, 2007

It's been over a year since the Knights have been unranked

Last year, on September 23rd during week 5 of the season, the 4-0 Scarlet Knights began their most recent appearance in the national polls, at 23 in both the AP and Coaches polls. They stayed in both polls from 9/23/06 until this past Sunday, 10/7/07, hitting highs of 7 in the 2006 poll and 10 in the 2007 poll. The end of this year-long streak is worth commemorating here simply because the Scarlet Knights have never had anywhere near this kind of run of national prominence in their long history.

That being said, this season isn't over. This important month isn't over. October could easily end with the Knights in a position much higher in the polls than "Other teams receiving votes".

There are three games left in October. Two of them at home against teams that are currently ranked in the top ten.

  • A win against Syracuse at the Carrier Dome next Saturday probably won't get the Knights back into the top 25 unless it's another week of carnage among the ranked (but a win, of course, is absolutely necessary).
  • A win against #5/5 South Florida at home on the 18th on Thursday-night TV will definitely move the Knights back into the national rankings, maybe into the teens (assuming, of course, that RU had taken care of business against the Orange 5 days earlier).
  • Following up a win over USF with a win against #8/9 West Virginia on the 27th would definitely have them ranked back in the teens with a good chance of taking the Big East crown (and the conference's BCS bowl).

This season is far from over.

Go Knights!

(And since I started this entry by mentioning last season's success, I have to mention that last season's star, Brian Leonard, had 102 yards rushing on 18 carries & 33 receiving on five catches for the St. Louis Rams yesterday. If they had been winning rather than losing, maybe he would have had the opportunity to run even more at the end of the game. Go Rams! )


Anonymous said...


Rutgers is not that good this year. The bandwagon has left town. They hype is dead. This is what happens when you start the season off with 3 cupcakes. They deserve this for scheduling 8 home games!

Beat Visitor said...

Dear Anonymous,
As you may have gathered from previous entries in this blog, I am not a football analyst. I am fan, with a fan's blind hope. I've been a fan of the Scarlet Knights long enough that ANY winning record and ANY bowl appearance represents a good year. That being said, I haven't given up on the chance of another 11-2 year this year. Maybe it is good that the expectations have now been lowered a little as we head into the USF and WVU games at the end of the month. It will be nice to surprise someone again.