Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As an alternate avenue to gain fans, maybe they could just start winning.

In their deep desire to be known as "New York's College Football Team," the Syracuse Orange have taken the drastic step of scheduling three of their upcoming home games in the Meadowlands (so maybe they're trying to become ""New Jersey's College Football Team"?).

In any case, the biggest losers are the Syracuse students. (I've seen a lot of comments about the pros and cons for Alumni and other old fogeys, but nothing about the sacred right of students to be able to stumble out of bed and into the bleachers.) If you were a student who could fly like a crow from Syracuse to New York City, you would have to fly 195 miles. As a Rutgers fan I can't imagine the students and season ticket holders being told that our "home" games were going to be played 195 miles away in Baltimore or Boston. The distances are similar, but at least there are direct fast trains from New Brunswick, New Jersey to both those locations.

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