Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rutgers Quarterbacks. Number 10, D.C. Jefferson

This following short video from the Scarlet-White Game at Rutgers Stadium on April 18, 2009 is one of the reasons that I expect to see number 10 lining up behind team captain and Rimington watch-listed Ryan Blaszczyk at some point on September 7th.

D.C. Jefferson's 20-yard running play in this video may look very similar to a lot of what we've seen from the man wearing #15, Jabu Lovelace, over the past couple of years, but with an offensive line like ours, I think the Cincinnati Bearcats are going to be seeing the football carried by a wide variety of runners coming at them from a lot of angles, and at least two of those runners are going to be quarterbacks (or others in the Wild Knight formation) coming at them straight up the middle. Jefferson's ability to throw a very long ball might add to Cincinnati's defensive worries too.
I'll be shocked if we don't see at least three quarterbacks at some point in the opener.
Can't Wait.
Go Knights!
UPDATE 8/24/2009: With the news out of camp today that D.C. Jefferson may be moving to tight end, the real question is not the QB battle between Domenic, Tom, and Jabu, but whether or not Rutgers football has finally found its new Clark Harris!

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