Friday, August 28, 2009

More New Stadium Photos Have Been Posted

I love how wonderfully green central New Jersey looks in all the photos of Rutgers Stadium taken from this angle. The most recent official slideshow of Stadium expansion pictures went up online yesterday showing more scarlet paint and all the benches in place.
I've included one sample from so you can compare the same corner of the Stadium to my earlier screen captures posted on April 8th , May 22nd , June 15th, June 25th, July 8th, July 31st, and August 13th to see (much to the dismay of Rutgers 1000 & friends) the steady progress being made.
As always, click here to go to the Rutgers Stadium Expansion page, scroll down to the "Construction Photo Gallery" and you can see yesterday's entire August 27th slide show (or flip through any one of the earlier photo galleries).
With 10 days, 5 hours, 13 minutes, and 20 seconds to go until kickoff, these may be the last pictures we see before we see the new endzone in person.

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