Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jefferson, Lovelace, Natale, Savage, or Shimko. Who's the QB gonna be on December 5th versus West Virginia?

It's been a long time since BeatVisitor dot com, like every other blog and news site on the interwebs, has run a meaningless poll in its sidebar. How could we possibly forget that there's nothing that your average internaut likes more than clicking radio buttons over and over again to drive a political or other point home to his or her (usually his) fellow internauts?

Rectifying this mystifying omission of ours became our task this afternoon, so after spending minutes of our valuable time, we have come up with the following question: Who will be the Rutgers Quarterback for the LAST game of the 2009 season?
You like the way we threw that little twist in there? As everyone else in the Rutgers football universe is watching reports from the August camp and scrimmage for hints as to which QB will be Greg Schiano's field general versus the Bearcats on September 7th, we're asking you for your opinion about the name of the quarterback who will face the Mountaineers on December 5th. Tom Savage? D.C. Jefferson? Jabu Lovelace? Domenic Natale? Steve Shimko?
You can vote until kickoff time (18 days and 23 hours from now) on Labor Day. Start clicking.

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