Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Saturday Sidebar News

Aditi Kinkhabwala's new Big East Sportsblog has been added to the sidebar links. I'm expecting unique stories and links from that source and it's great to see her name back among the active sportswriters following the Scarlet Knights as the football season approaches.

And in the sidebar poll question that will be running until the kickoff on Labor Day, "Who will be the Rutgers Quarterback for the LAST game of the 2009 season?", there has been a dramatic shift in the last few days. Domenic Natale got off to a fast start, but now Tom Savage is given an even chance with Dom to be starting the West Virgina game on December 5th (and D.C. Jefferson, Steve Shimko, and Jabu Lovelace are getting no love from the voters). You still have nine days to register your opinion.

With a little over a week until kickoff and only two days to September's start, we'd like to ask two little things of every Rutgers season-ticket holder.
  1. Please get at least one of those magnetic red "R"s that you've received over the years onto the back of your car by September 1. Let everyone see where your heart lies and let everyone on the roads of New Jersey know that there's a game - and a great football season - coming to their state.
  2. When we get to the game on September 7th, let's make sure that we're all out of the parking lots and into our seats by 3:30 or 3:45 at the latest. We don't want national television coverage of ANY empty seats in the expanded Stadium. Think of the people you will piss off by being part of a raucous sold-out crowd. Nothing that you and your buddies can be doing around the grill and cooler could be more important or exciting than watching the 2009 Knights come through the tunnel for the first time this year.
And for those of you who read this blog and don't have season tickets to Rutgers Football? Well, for the first time since 2006 you might be able to buy single game tickets by clicking here. But hurry if you want to see the Labor Day opener against the Bearcats. And if Rutgers turns the current seven-game win streak into an eight, nine, ten, or eleven game streak, you can forget about getting any single game seats at all.

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