Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Rolling R ... a new tradition for a new Rutgers Stadium?

Yesterday I wrote about the traditional Rutgers football cheers and back in June I suggested that the best way to celebrate the closing of the oval at Rutgers Stadium might be with a wave. Spectating purists -- those who like to enjoy baseball games with a scorecard and a pencil, or sit with their radio headphones and binoculars at football games -- see the wave as a travesty that ruins the true pure sports spectating experience (the same way that some at UConn see their Husky cheerleaders).

This wave occurred at Rutgers Stadium on September 1, 2008.

The real problem with waves is that nobody is very good at them. The crest of the wave approaches and no one knows what to say, except for the anoraks with the radios and reading material who are shouting "Quiet!" and "Down in Front!". The rest of us stand and throw our arms up in the air, but we sound like we are quoting Otto at an Octonion meeting: Whee! Yippee! Yeah! Lollipops'n'Twizzlers!

What if the only official accepted wave vocalization in R House were "R" (pronounced "ARRRRGH", like a pirate) drawn out in a long rolling wave around the Stadium. And it's no longer called "a wave" of course. It's now "The Rolling R" -- a new tradition in a new Rutgers Stadium.

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