Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time for Beat Visitor to get serious -- and for you to tell me where I'm totally wrong with my first preseason BlogPoll

The BlogPoll is the invention of MGoBlog’s Brian Cook and is published on Though Brian Cook's obvious emotional connection is to the Michigan Wolverines, he solicits the opinion of college football bloggers from a wide representative selection of teams from all the conferences and independents.

This year I have been invited to participate in the BlogPoll. During the season I will create my contribution to the weekly poll on Sunday or Monday and post it here for feedback from the Beat Visitor readers before posting the final version on Wednesday morning. The preseason poll has a slightly different schedule and this year it can be adjusted up until the morning of August 24th when the combined preseason BlogPoll is going to be finalized.

In any case, here’s my very first preliminary preseason poll; I wanted to give myself extra time to make sure that I was comfortable with the process before the football season begins.

Let me know if you feel I've left anybody (other than the Scarlet Knights) out of this preliminary preseason top 25. Unlike a number of other preseason polls, I could not bring myself to totally ignore the Big East, so I have included Cincinnati (because they are our reigning champions and because they are the only Big East team not represented by a blogger in BlogPoll) and West Virginia (because they are West Freakin Virginia). Again, I'll try not to place the Rutgers Scarlet Knights where my emotions put them (above all), but where their record earns them a place (one 2008 blog, the Enlightened Spartan, was drummed out of the BlogPoll this year "for years of embarrassing, poll-credibility-damaging homerdom," so I'm not going to let that happen to Beat Visitor).

So, without further ado, here's a list that will be changing drastically after the first week of games anyway, but let me know where you feel I'm totally off base.

2Southern Cal
5Penn State
7Virginia Tech
8Ohio State
11Oklahoma State
15Georgia Tech
17Boise State
18Florida State
21North Carolina
22Texas Tech
25West Virginia

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