Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ever-Expanding Blogosphere and Twitterverse of Rutgers Football

I just stumbled upon another blog dedicated solely to Rutgers football -- Sons of Schiano -- and I added its link to the sidebar. You can never have to many Rutgers football blogs.

I promised in an earlier entry that I was also going to share my current crop of Rutgers Football Twitter links for those of you using that shortest of update forms. It seems especially relevant today with this story about the SEC proposing a ban on social media at their lucrative games (god forbid that a fan's YouTube video should draw a couple of eyeballs away from CBS or ESPN).

Anyway, here (in alphabetical order) are some Rutgers football twits whom I follow: @BeatVisitor, @ChrisCarlinSNY, @CornerTavern, @Daily_Targum, @DannyBresRU, @FakeGregSchiano, @NJ_RutgersFB, @NJ_StevePoliti, @RUAthletics, @RUscuttlebutt, @rutgersalumni, @RutgersBuzztap, @rutgersfootball, @Scarlet_Chop, @ScarletKnights, @SomersetKnight, @UpStreamRedTeam. You can click on any of these links to see the latest tweets without joining Twitter yourself; though if you join, you can take part in the conversation.
Some of these Twitterers are official twits (Tim Pernetti tweets at @RUAthletics), some are blogging twits (like @BeatVisitor and @UpStreamRedTeam), some you'll recognize as mainstream media twits ( @NJ_StevePoliti and@ChrisCarlinSNY), and others are just fans; but between them (and other Big East bloggers and media in the Twitterverse who are too numerous to mention), you start to get an interesting real-time picture of the state of our favorite team and its opponents. I imagine that the volume of the tweets will be increasing tremendously during the season, and especially during the games. I don't expect to be checking my BlackBerry too often while there's action on the field, but I'm sure that I will be checking and tweeting during TV timeouts and halftime.

If you have a favorite Rutgers Football Twitterer or Blogger whom I have not mentioned up above or in my sidebar lists, then please mention them in the comments (my comments sections are neither protected nor moderated, so feel free to add anything to any of these entries, anonymously or pseudonymously if you desire).

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