Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Knights Who Say Nay seem strangely silent

Over at MGOBLOG today, there's an update about the construction going on at Michigan Stadium with notes about a group called Save the Big House, which had opposed the current expansion going on there.
Sound familiar?

The state of the new endzone on August 13th (from

Now that the South Endzone seats at Rutgers Stadium are obviously going to be finished and filled with fans on Labor Day for the opener against the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, where are our naysayers and prophets of doom?

Where is the Stop Rutgers Stadium Expansion blog, which called the Stadium expansion plans "Panglossian to the point of hallucination" on January 31, 2008? Well, you can still find it on the web by clicking the link in this paragraph, but it posted its last entry at the end of February 2008.

And where, oh where, is Rutgers 1000? This is the group that famously opposed every expansion of the sports programs at Rutgers and gleefully started a "Stadium Expansion Death Watch" on April 25, 2008: "Keep reading this space. The obit for this foolhardy and reckless plan already is being drafted." Again, you can find the lifeless hulk of their blog by clicking the links in this paragraph, but they posted their own obituary on December 12, 2008.

Couldn't they even stick around long enough for us say "We told you so"?

(If the opponents of the Stadium want to announce their continued existence, they are welcome to do so in the Comments here. Unlike both the blogs mentioned above, the comments on Beat Visitor are not moderated, i.e., censored, and they do not require names or registration.)

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Jon said...

I don't want to pile on too much, because there are certainly legit critiques of national trends in big time athletics. The specific Rutgers 1000 group, however, were brazen, brazen liars. Utter scumdogs of the universe.