Saturday, October 31, 2009

6-2 (1-2). What a Game.

Those last few minutes of today's 28-24 win over Connecticut have to have been some of the most nerve-wracking I've ever spent as a fan of Rutgers football (or of any sports team). I was watching on the radio, and in the fourth quarter I started commenting on Twitter by writing, "I wasn't nervous about typing #BeatUConn all day yesterday, so why am I nervous about it now with Rutgers having an 11-point lead in the 4th?".

Here are the last few minutes and last two touchdowns of the game as I typed them on Twitter:
UConn 1st and goal. Fuck. Come on defense! That missed two-point conversion of UConn's looks major now. #BEATUCONNCOME ON DEFENSE! #BEATUCONN
4th Down & Goal. ONE MORE STOP!
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck now we need mccourty to end the game the way he started it. #BeatUConn33 seconds and a time out. Let's go Offense. #BeatUConnTIMMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!
For that to have been done by Jasper Howard's friend is just awesome. This is the kind of game that turns around a season.

Although, 22 seconds left is a lifetime in this game. come on defense. Just one more stop. #BeatUConn
"I'm rarely speechless, but I think right now I am." Ray Lucas
8 seconds left. Come on Defense.
The "Let's Go Rutgers" chant is loud on the radio. 3 seconds left with that last incompletion. #BeatUConn

That's the win. This is Tom Savage's coming out party.
That was one of the most nerve-wracking two minutes of my life.
If someone had to #BeatUConn today, I'm glad it was Jasper Howard's friend. Tim Brown sounded very emotional in the short postgame chat.
I hope lots of former Knights were watching the new Knights #BeatUConn. RT @CGreene36 Yes Tim Brown... 80yd Td Catch To Win Da Game.b
I have nothing else to add right now about a game that's going to be written about widely, not just during the coming week, but for years. The story of Jasper Howard and Tim Brown's friendship has all the makings of a television movie. You wouldn't believe it if it weren't true.

West Virginia and Virginia Tech have already lost this weekend. How many more top 25 teams will have to lose before I consider putting the 6-2 Scarlet Knights onto my BlogPoll ballot?

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