Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I think it's personal. Pitt QB Bill Stull gives us the Quote of the Day. And It's Bitter.

"And this one’s personal. We can’t stress watching film more or working harder, because we do that, but we have to do them better. I don’t want to say extra focus, because we are a focused team. But we just have to get down and dirty – do the little things ­– everything, because it’s personal. I haven’t been on the winning side of the ball against these guys, so I’m really taking it personally this week. All of our seniors are really taking it personal, and all the guys who haven’t played against them ... we want them all on the same page with us. (And) we have to do whatever we can to win this game. We have some Jersey guys on the team as well, and we’re all excited for this opportunity. Four years in a row, if that’s not good enough motivation, the only team we haven’t beaten in the Big East, I’m telling you. It’s bitter. It really is, and it’s definitely personal for all of us.”
-- Bill Stull,
quoted in the The Tribune-Democrat (Johnstown PA ) 12 Oct 2009

And remember, #BeatPitt

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