Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Quote of the Day comes from Chuck Klosterman

"I don't know what I see when I watch football. It must be something insane, because I should not enjoy it as much as I do. I must be seeing something so personal and so universal that understanding this question would tell me everything I need to know about who I am, and maybe I don't want that to happen. But perhaps it's simply this: Football allows the intellectual part of my brain to evolve, but it allows the emotional part to remain unchanged. It has a liberal cerebellum and a reactionary heart. And this is all I want from everything, all the time, always."
It's something I've wondered about myself, how a guy who gave himself the nom de blog of True Blue Liberal could find almost all of his blogging time devoted to his beloved Scarlet Knights once the Bushes and Cheneys finally removed their claws from the levers of world power. There seemed to be a disconnect between the athletic and political topics.
I was not a big football fan in college at the end of the Nixon years. Chuck Klosterman even addresses that in this great book excerpt of his, how Nixon was the nation's number one football fan, poisoning the well for many of us. I knew a couple of great football players in my high school who quit the sport rather than cut their hair for a coach with neo-fascist leanings (it seems that all the lesser coaches of those years modeled themselves on Woody Hayes).
Klosterman's essay addresses the revolutionary character of football and how the game reinvents itself on regular basis while maintaining a much more reactionary veneer. It is definitely worth reading in full for his recap of pivotal coaching and strategy changes.
Specifically as a Rutgers football fan it will make you look at the Jabu package and the Wild Knight in a new light, and wish for the occasional play that will make the fans around you in the Stadium grumble, "What the fuck are those idiots doing now??" The article made me desire the shock of the new. It's generally when the fans are grumbling that the important changes in the game are taking place.

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