Sunday, October 11, 2009

The End of the Beginning

I wondered out loud somewhere in this blog over the last couple of years whether or not we would ever see an interesting sunset over Rutgers Stadium after the enclosure of the South Endzone. The picture up above taken during the fourth quarter yesterday should answer that worry. At least we're still watching football outside. At least we're not in a fucking dome, or watching the game on an idiot box from our couches. Though I have to say that many of the people around me were acting as if they might have been sitting on naugahyde recliners in their rumpus rooms rather than on hard aluminum in R House. Though the section was pretty full considering the quality of the opposition, the fans around me could not have been quieter when the Scarlet Knights were on defense. I think I even yelled, "Come on Section 123, if this team scores, it's OUR fault!" I hope (and expect) this will all change on Friday night when our defense is trying to stop the Panthers.
It's hard to believe that there are only three games left at Rutgers Stadium in the 2009 season, starting this Friday with a big one against Pittsburgh (followed by USF visiting in mid-November and West Virginia in early December).
I hope to stick around to see a happy team singing On the Banks of the Old Raritan after each of the remaining home games. Now it's for real again (for the first time after the opener against Cincinnati). The biggest triumph yesterday against Texas Southern, other than the ability of the defense to earn a shutout and keep the TSU Tigers to 126 total yards (and negative 25 yards of rushing), was to see Tom Savage up and throwing and rushing and acting with the composure of a veteran for three full quarters. That and, of course, the fact that no one seems to have gotten banged up in the run up to our second Big East game.

That's the last word on TSU.
Now it's officially Pittsburgh Panther week.

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Joaquin said...

I understand the level of competition, but the silence of the fans is pretty telling. I get funny looks when I get passionate during a game and also cannot stand up because the people behind me sit for virtually the whole game. As a sports fan and an RU fan, about 80% of the fans at games leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. I get pretty disgusted, honestly.