Monday, October 5, 2009

Don Imus Thinks He's Back on Television

Here are two facts that you should not reveal to Don Imus.
  1. "Fox Business" is not a real television station that people watch or have even heard of; it's simply a shady tax write-off for Rupert Murdoch. (Let him feel like he has some self-esteem with a camera aimed at him even if no one is watching at the other end. He and Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Karl Rove can sit around talking to each other trying to convince themselves that they are sane and important and visible, but no one will get hurt or offended in the process.)
  2. The twenty-gallon hat* and the inch-thick pancake makeup still make you look like a 85-year-old douchebag trying to relive your glory days as a vital 67-year-old faux cowboy.
Why does a Rutgers football blog care to comment about this mumbling senile old fart? Click on the "Imus" tag below, or read this one post from April 2007.

*If Rutgers fans are going to pick political commentators by their headgear, we'll go with Michael Moore.

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