Friday, October 30, 2009

#BeatUConn is just a warmup for the big game on November 21

#BeatUConn is gaining some traction as a hashtag at Twitter today (and if you are on Twitter and use #BeatUConn in your tweets today or tomorrow, @BeatVisitor will start following you -- yes, it's come to bribery), but there aren't a lot of #BeatRutgers responses from UConners.

Orange Tweeps are already looking forward to taunting Rutgers on 11/21.

That will change as November 21 approaches and the game with the Syracuse Orange Tweeps begins. Say what you want about their football prowess (and I'll expect you to in the third week of November), but there is no doubt that Syracuse currently rules the world of Big East Twitter taunting. Check the #BeatCincy hashtag today to see how it's done -- quantity and humor are both very important. We've got some work to do people, so let's practice by beating up on UConn today and tomorrow (online and on the field).

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