Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rules are not necessarily meant to be broken. My Week 6 BlogPoll ballot is posted for your comments and/or accolades.

As always, you can click on my scribbled ballot notes to get an insight into my logic.
My one unbreakable rule this week when compiling my BlogPoll ballot was simple. It is too early in the season for a two-loss team to be in the top 25. Period.
The fact that the 2-2 Okies will be on the ballots of most experts is a perfect example of what is wrong with the writers' and coaches' polls. Nobody earns their way into the top 25 with a .500 winning percentage and their only wins being over the likes of Idaho State and Tulsa. Oklahoma is only in the top 25 today because writers and coaches think they are a top 25 team based on reputation and preseason prejudices. After four games, the wins and losses have to count for something (and close losses can only count as losses).
Georgia, California, and Oklahoma all received their second losses yesterday and they got their walking papers from my ballot.
4Cincinnati 1
5LSU 1
6Southern Cal 1
7Boise State 3
8Iowa 1
9Virginia Tech 1
10Ohio State
12Oregon 2
13Penn State 2
14Miami (Florida) 6
15Kansas 4
17South Florida 6
19Brigham Young 2
20Georgia Tech 2
22Houston 9
23Oklahoma State 7
24South Carolina 1
25West Virginia
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#12), Michigan (#17), Georgia (#18), California (#24).

The two-loss teams have been replaced by the undefeated Auburn, Wisconsin, and Missouri. The one-loss West Virginia Mountaineers snuck in at the bottom of my ballot, just beating out one-loss Michigan and one-loss Nebraska. Nebraska will enter the list next week if they beat Missouri, but that's a big if. West Virginia's one loss to Auburn doesn't look as bad now that those Tigers are on a roll (though there is no question at all in my mind that there are entirely too many Tigers on the list at this point).

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