Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's something you don't see every day: An argument for kissing your sister.

Here's an interesting defense of the tie in college football from The Unbalanced Line.
If you haven't read it, The Unbalanced Line is an Army Football blog with a very strong sense of history. Check it out. It even has links to very old Rutgers yearbooks.
I'm not a big fan of overtime myself. For one thing, the Scarlet Knights' record against a certain team from West Virginia would look a little better if overtime had never been invented. If I'm reading the all-time record correctly, I only find 4 Rutgers games that have gone to overtime since 1997: a loss to Pitt, a win against Syracuse, and two losses to West Virginia. I agree with The Unbalanced Line. Bring back the tie. 2006 would have looked better with an 11-1-1 line than 11-2.

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