Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's the "Wild Knight", not the Wildcat. Quote of the Day from Coach Schiano

"I don't follow pro football that much, but what I hear is that the Dolphins have this package and they run it all the time. I don't know if we're there. That's probably why you don't see it a lot (with Rutgers). But it is interesting."

-- Head Coach Greg Schiano, 14 October 2009

Greg Schiano's quote of the day comes from this article from Brendan Prunty that appears this morning, "Rutgers' wild card against Pittsburgh? It may be the 'Wildcat'." The Scarlet Knights coaching staff hasn't given away any information about special plays in the recent out-of-conference games, but you know that we are going to see some new looks from the offense on Friday night, and not just the Jabu Lovelace package. The trick plays are always saved for big games and the Wild Knight worked well as a change of pace in last year's season-ending blowout against Louisville. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Joe Martinek or Tim Brown or De'Antwan Williams lining up in an unconventional position in the backfield. On what could be a sloppy night (the last forecast I looked at was calling for rain, 12mph winds, and a low of 38 in New Brunswick on Friday night), the running game will be even more important than usual, and I feel confident in saying that not every running play of the Scarlet Knights is going to begin with a conventional handoff from the quarterback.

Once again, the Beat Visitor dot com style sheet calls this formation "The Wild Knight" for obvious reasons, and especially when it's used during night games. It shouldn't be called the "Wildcat" on Friday unless it's being run by the Pitt Panthers.


Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

With the depth RU has at running back it makes sense to run a version of the Wildcat in certain situations. Kordell Young does have a TD pass on his resume, so he can throw. And Jersey Joe did take a direct snap for a TD last year (against Syracuse...I think).

Beat Visitor said...

When DC Jefferson on the field at tight end, there's another strong contender to line up behind center with the threat to run or throw.
I'll be surprised if we're not surprised by the play calling at least once tomorrow night.