Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Take any Wooden Nutmeg!, and #BeatUConn

I always knew that Connecticut was "The Nutmeg State" but I never knew why a state in the Northeastern US took the name of a spice that was only grown in the Spice Islands of Indonesia. I thought it must have something to do with trade. I didn't know it had to do with fraud. The following paragraph comes from Wikipedia (so it's got to be true):

Connecticut gets its nickname ("the Nutmeg State", "Nutmegger") from the legend that some unscrupulous Connecticut traders would whittle "nutmeg" out of wood, creating a "wooden nutmeg" (a term which came to mean any fraud). [2]

But even though their state nickname may brand them as fraudsters, Connecticut's leading industry in the 21st Century is the almost-fraud-free industry of insurance, everybody's favorite. Still, it's the duty of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights to beat the University of Connecticut on the football gridiron on Saturday afternoon, and it's your duty to spread the #BeatUConn gospel on Twitter until then.

And if you're going to the game at Rentschler Field, remember: Don't take any wooden nutmeg.

And watch out for "fair catch" signals from "nutmeggers".

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Anonymous said...

Why aren't you going, resident blogger? The trip is not long!

Here's hoping they "Beat Home" this weekend.