Saturday, October 17, 2009

So, Army Week Begins . . .

So, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming game between the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers and the Black Knights of West Point, a rivalry that goes back to 1891.
Both teams are coming off losses this week. You may have seen the Scarlet Knights (4-2) losing to the Pitt Panthers 24-17 last night at Rutgers Stadium or on ESPN. The Black Knights (3-4) weren't televised anywhere as they lost to the Temple Owls 27-13 in Philadelphia earlier this afternoon.
If you're interested in Army football updates from an independent blogger's point of view, please read and bookmark The Unbalanced Line. There is always something interesting to be found there even when it isn't Army week, especially if you're more interested in the history of our favorite game than with the noisy and shallow commercial-laden televised glitz that sometimes seems to dominate the sport.
Speaking of independent bloggers writing about their favorite college football team, I couldn't help searching again this afternoon for any sign of a person fitting that description for the Cincinnati Bearcats, and I couldn't find one. Now that the Bearcats are the reigning Big East Champions and are firmly entrenched in the top ten for at least one more week, I find this absence increasingly incredible. I'll be the first to admit to you that it doesn't take much to begin a blog; I've seen at least ten Rutgers football blogs born over the last couple of years, and some of us are still around (and will be around even when the hard times come again once more). If anyone does know of a Bearcat blog, please let me know.
The #BeatPitt hashtag on Twitter didn't help us stop Dion Lewis and the Panthers last night, so I have no stomach for pushing a #BeatArmy hashtag this week (plus, I think it very well may violate an obscure provision of the Patriot Act).

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Joaquin said...

I am definitely bothered by the loss to Pitt. I have questions about Coach choosing to punt on 4th and a foot and the playcalling in general, but I am nowhere near calling for him to be fired, that would make me a definite ingrate (sending a message to all the moron "fans" there". I'll tell you what still bothers me though, all of the criticism from the fans and yet, despite improved passion from the fans at the game, there were still way too many leaving early. I absolutely am not willing to excuse their apathy. It's a friday night, barely rained and not that cold, what's the excuse if you don't have small children? The fans need to step it up.