Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Quote of the Day (and more) about today's Homecoming Game against Texas Southern

“We're going to go out there and play every game just like it's the national championship. We're going to treat it all the same. We're not going to look down at any team. You see it this year when you're watching the games, everyone's beating everyone so you gotta go out there and be focused.”
-- Ryan D'Imperio, Number 44
The Beat Visitor dot com Quote of the Day from Rutgers' middle linebacker comes from an article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle entitled "Rutgers will go for 600th win vs. Texas Southern". Six hundred wins is not an insignificant milestone just because it may come against a school that has shown that it is playing at a lower level than the current Scarlet Knights. In the Scarlet Knights' all-time record, a win against CCNY or Stevens in the 'eighties (1880's that is) counts the same as an exciting win against #3 Louisville or #2 USF in the 'naughties. And 600-591-42 will look much better than 599-591-42.

As an extra preview of today's visit to Rutgers Stadium by Texas Southern University, here's a YouTube preview of "The Best Dance Squad Ever":
Speaking of exciting live shows, I was personally glad to have started my homecoming weekend on Thursday night at Giants Stadium watching Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play for three hours and play (in sequence) one of the biggest LPs to hit the record stores of George Street during my years On The Banks, Born to Run (no offense to little Jovi and his weekly appearances on the endzone Ginormotron, but Bruce and the Boys reminded me how much Bon Jovi sucks). I hope I have than much energy when I'm sixty (I wish I had that much energy when I was twenty).
Finally, when did the redesign of take place?? I've been busy at work and I don't think I checked it this week. It's a much cleaner, more modern, interface and I assume everything that was there is still there. I'm just having a little trouble finding what I need this morning. Check it out.

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